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Nationwide scare as KRK turns into SRK after eating BT brinjal

14, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. The debate on the impact of genetically modified food on human beings is expected to grow real shrill now as a bizarre, and rather scary, impact has been noticed on actor Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) after he ate cooked BT brinjal in the house of Big Boss. Within an hour, KRK transformed into SRK, the popular Bollywood actor, which freaked out all other housemates of the third season of the reality show Big Boss.

“I was shell shocked. KRK went inside the bathroom sending flying kisses to Claudia Ciesla, and came out of bathroom as SRK sending flying kisses to Raju Srivastav. We thought it was some prank by Big Boss but when we realized the gravity of the situation, I almost fainted. Fortunately no one else likes brinjal here.” Vindu Dara Singh, a housemate of Big Boss season 3 said.

KRK (left) and KRK-turned-SRK (right) with the BT brinjal
KRK (left) and KRK-turned-SRK (right) with the BT brinjal

KRK has been behaving strange since the transformation as housemates claim that there had been a remarkable shift in his sexual preferences. Housemates further claim that the acting skills of KRK had not undergone any change and (hence?) he appeared and behaved exactly like SRK. KRK is apparently happy with whatever happened but other housemates are demanding that the reality show should stop and they should be released back in the normal world.

While the strange incident has sent shockwaves in the Big Boss’ house with the housemates also demanding to know who left the BT brinjal inside the house, it has also caused a widespread debate outside over the harmful effects of genetically modified food and ethics of human testing. Many people believe that the government had chosen the housemates of Big Boss to find out the actual effect of BT brinjal after a committee of experts had given it green signal apparently after some laboratory tests.

“While it is desirable to find out the effects on human beings before releasing any food products in the market, I don’t think it’s justified to conduct human testing in this way. It has spoiled the life of KRK and we don’t know yet the long term impacts of the BT brinjal on humans or the environment. Most European countries have denied both human testing as well as commercial release of the genetically modified food. I don’t know why our government is in a hurry. I smell something fishy in the brinjal.” Aman Dutt, a food expert and civil rights activist wondered.

Common citizens are scared as well as excited over prospects of having two SRKs in the country. Most of the people believed that the KRK-turned-SRK would now get more movie offers and advertising contracts for celebrity endorsements. Advertising experts predict that KRK-turned-SRK will soon feature in the Dish TV advertisement showing both the SRKs with the tagline “ab aur zyada wish karo” (wish for even more now).

But not many see the development as funny or exciting. Many citizens in the different parts of the country expressed shock and panic and refused to eat any vegetable at all, especially after some Hindi news channels ran exclusive programs on the genetically modified food. Rumor mongers had a field day as soon as this news broke out and they scared the shit out of the common men.

One rumor that got maximum media attention was about the guy called Azad Ansari, a resident of Padao town in the Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh, who considers himself the ‘girlfriend’ of Salman Khan and is ready to undergo a sex change operation for the Bollywood star. Rumorists claimed that it was a genetically modified banana that changed Azad into Katrina Kaif.

(People at Greenpeace genuinely believe that genetically modified food is harmful for human beings and our environment. You can get more details and join their protest, if you find their arguments sensible, by visiting their website)