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New Food delivery app using AI delivers food 30 minutes before one realize he is hungry

04, Dec 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: New food delivery app Wiggy delivers food at least 30 minutes before the person will realize he is hungry. Wiggy, which is revolutionizing the food delivery market says it is able to do so because it is first app in this segment that uses Artificial Intelligence.

Food delivery from mobile phone

While talking to us Wiggy founder, Sharat Kumar said, “Our logic is simple. No one knows when he or she will be hungry. Once you are hungry, you have to place order, then we will take another 30 minutes to deliver food. That’s a lot of time. Not many can control their hunger for so much time.”

Mr. Kumar added, “So, what we use is called big data mining. We know the behavior of the person, what he does throughout the day. In addition, we know outside climate, person’s eating pattern, what kind of food person likes. It’s a complex algorithm at work. We use it to deliver food in advance at people’s doorsteps. Good percentage of cases people accepted what we delivered and they have given positive feedback.”

When we asked what about food that people might not accept, Mr. Kumar added, “Our delivery boys take these food parcels and shout in front of hostels. Hostel ka food itna tasty hota hai ki, sab bhuke rehte hain dinvar. Jo bhi unko do, hostel students kha lete hain. Budget is a constraint for them. As they are our future customers, we give good discount to them”.

Manish Yadav, an engineering student who does not remember when was the last time he attended classes, said, “Yeh sab to theek hai. After Netflix has come, I am very busy. So much food lying here goes waste. We need a new app, which should send someone to arrange food in a plate and feed us when we would be watching our shows”.

Sharat from Wiggy said, “We are working on a new app called feedubaby which will do exactly what Manish wants.”