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New smartphone to automatically disconnect call if "aur batao" phrase used more than thrice

14, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Adding a bit of common sense to the smartphones, a new smartphone has been launched, which has the feature of disconnecting an ongoing voice call if ‘aur batao‘ or ‘aur bataiye‘ phrase gets used for more than three times by either of the parties on the call.

This has come as relief for many who often run out of topics while talking to their friends and have to come up with socially awkward sentences to keep the conversation going.

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Aur batao

“Repetition of ‘aur batao‘ during conversation means, it’s time to hang up. But people still continue saying ‘aur batao‘ again and again as no one wants to be the first person to accept the awkwardness and put an end to the call,” said Samsung India head launching “Samsung Samajhdar“.

“Being a smartphone, it’s the duty of the phone to take the matter in its own hand and automatically end the conversation. That’s why we named it Samsung Samajhdar,” he explained.

Samsung R&D team believes that reiterating ‘aur batao‘ for three times is sufficient enough to extract all the possible topics of conversation.

“It’s like juicing a sugarcane. You pass the sugarcane again and again under the crusher, it will only end in garbage,” explained an engineer of the R&D team.

Experts belonging to Samsung told Faking News that most of the consumers are quite happy with this innovative feature.

“I was talking with my dad and he was going on and on. Meanwhile, I intentionally slipped in ‘aur bataiye‘ four times and I was free. And surprisingly there was no guilt feeling as I didn’t hang up on him,” one smartphone user is reported to have said.

However, some people feel that the latest phone is demonizing ‘aur batao‘ phrase. “My girlfriend has started doubting my love for her because I used ‘aur batao‘ just once during my three hour conversation with her,” rued Rahul, a student of Delhi University.

“Samsung has taken away the innocence of ‘aur batao‘, It’s like the romance of ‘Rahul’ created by Shah Rukh Khan being taken away by Rahul Gandhi,” Rahul further added.