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Nitin Gadkari demands trees to be planted along roads for best utilization of roadside peeing

05, May 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After revealing that he uses his urine to water plants in his bungalow, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has now demanded that govt grows some plants along the roads so that the precious urine of those who pee roadside is not wasted.

“Like me, our nation is blessed with plant lovers, particularly men, who are very concerned about the environment of the country and do their best to help selflessly. It is a big lapse on our part that we don’t recognize their services and let it go waste. We need to be more foresighted and facilitate a process which allows optimum utilization of their discharge for benefit of the plants,” Gadkari said in a press conference.

Before he could explain what to do with other discharges, our reporter left.
Before he could explain what to do with other discharges, our reporter left.

Urging concerned ministries in the govt to not let such valuable urine go waste, he asked them to plant trees wherever possible on roadside.

“Tonnes of valuable urine goes down the drain year after year, literally. UPA govt slept over this issue, but we won’t,” said Gadkari.

“Also we wouldn’t need to waste money on constructing separate urinals after this,” he added.

Gadkari has assured once trees are planted, he will be peeing leading from the front and pee across various roads in Delhi to kickstart the movement.

“It’s nature’s call. It’s unfair for us to expect them to search for plants on the roads before releasing themselves,” Gadkari said, dismissing suggestions that people ought to be more proactive in looking for plants.

When asked if such plants subjected to ‘urine therapy’ yield good results, Gadkari, as an evidence, pointed to the healthy, fit and fine Gandhi family where he daily sends vegetables from his garden.

Meanwhile NCP leader Ajit Pawar too has decided to break political boundaries and help Gadkari in this endeavour.

“I too am ready to help out Gadkari sahib, and would advise him to be careful as there could be a potentially robbery attempt by Swami Agnivesh now in his washroom,” Pawar told Faking News.