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Obsessed with having the latest features, Smartphone maker forgets to include sim card slot in their latest model

29, Apr 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Smartphone maker OneMinusOne, which recently launched the next generation of its flagship killer, had to recall its handsets after it was discovered that the phone was without a sim-card slot.

feature rich but without a sim slot
Feature rich but without a sim slot

Embarrassed company officials agreed that they went overboard with having the latest features and overlooked something as basic as a slot for inserting sim-card.

Speaking to Faking News the Chief Product Manager of 2MinusTwo said, “It’s true that we completely missed putting a slot. So we have recalled the handsets. Even for those who don’t wish to replace it, we have a solution at hand. For them, we are providing external sim-card slots that can be connected via a c-type cable for making calls.”

When questioned about obsession with features, the Product Manager reluctantly agreed that there was indeed an oversight. “We were too busy looking for a differentiating factor. In our latest model we have a button that turns your mobile screen into a mirror; we went ahead of fingerprint scanner and included a DNA scanner, and also gesture recognition that will mute Watsapp group when you flash the middle finger. But yes we did miss out on that sim card slot,” he said while trying to sound as if the exclusion was not a big issue.

Experts say that this might just be a sign of things to come and in future, smart phones may actually get rid of the sim slot.

“There is stagnation in the smartphone market. Even companies like Apple are finding it hard to sell their iPhones. I don’t think there are any more features to add to a smartphone, so let’s start deleting some,” said Tutu Aneja, a digital expert from Delhi.

“Minimization seems to be the future of smartphone. Who knows, the next iPhone could just be a fancy slab of glass and we might have to pretend that we are making calls with it,” he added.

Meanwhile, OneMinusOne’s oversight has also given an opportunity to rival Macromax, which is desperately trying to regain some market share, to push its lastest offering.

“Our latest smartphone is nothing like you have seen before. It has a D-type USB port. Godzilla glass screen, 500GB storage for your storage needs, 64 GB RAM, and an inverter to make sure that once charged your phone battery will last for 6 months,” said Rahul Mishra, CEO of the company.