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On being subjected to suspicion and frequent lab tests, blood gets angry, gives man hypertension

05, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

Bloodstream: “In Ramayana, Sita went under the ground even as Ram doubted her only once in a lifetime, and here is this man who suspects me every now and then, and yet expects me not lose my temper!” angrily retorted the blood of Pankaj Khurana who got diagnosed as being hypertensive, “Every time his body gets a symptom the pressure in me mounts as I fear being questioned investigated once again at the nearest police station laboratory.”

Angry Blood!
Angry Blood!

“Bloody hell! I have been subjected to pathological tests 42 times in last five years and on 40 of these occasions results have not been not on expected lines,” it added

As soon as Khurana got to know of his condition he had a different story to tell, “The tension of having a disease must have given me high BP. Even when I get a cough for 2-3 days, I fear as having contracted TB; every fever seems like Dengue or Chickengunya. I start suspecting the next disease just as the previous one gets cured.”

“Common cold lasts seven days without treatment, and one week with it. This man gets anxious on the third day,” the blood was in full agreement with Pankaj for once.

“Last time, I visited Dr M D Jhatka complaining of chest pain, instead of making a simple clinical diagnosis based on my symptoms, the doctor frightened me and said that possibility of a heart attack and lung cancer must be ruled out. Should I save Rs 5000 for not ruling out dreaded diseases?” rationalized Pankaj Khurana.

Finally, the blood while resigning to its fate of losing two liters of its body in a human life-cycle to pathological tests was, however, relieved at the man having been diagnosed only with high BP.

“Hypertension is a friendly disease in the sense that no blood test is required to be carried out for its diagnosis,” the blood had something to cheer about, finally.

The relief of not being pulled injected out of  its home veins, taken to police station laboratory and being investigated once again took some pressure off the shoulders of innocent blood!