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Person books 2 more cabs to reach the location where the driver of the originally booked cab was waiting

22, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

With great technology comes great burden. Don’t know who said it but it is a reality. The online Taxi applications have made life easy but at the same time given us lot of headaches. Have you ever got a taxi at the exact location where you want it without the driver calling you even once? If yes then you are lucky. If no then you belong to the majority. Drivers find it hard to come to the exact location even with the help of google maps and other sophisticated location tracking technology.angry-customer-on-phone

Sanil Jain, an entrepreneur from Mumbai, who has made Uber taxis his office, to save the cost of renting a office space, regularly books 10-12 Ubers a day and works inside the taxis.  But most of the time he spends 15-20 minutes on a call with the driver to explain his exact location. So that comes out to be 150-200 minutes per day. That’s a huge amount of time in an entrepreneur’s life. But what happened today was historic. Sanil booked two more cabs to reach the location of the originally booked cab. So the total time he took to reach the originally booked cab = (15 + 15 +15 ) = 45 minutes.

This is a historic occasion and many people will start using it after this success story. Even Uber is soon starting the shuttle service to make you reach the originally booked Uber. This will also save the cost of developing a technology which would help a person reach easily to the location where his original cab is waiting. And also the revenue earned through the shuttle service will add on to the total revenues of the company.