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Proposal to install “mental detectors” at polling booths to stop idiots from voting

19, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A “civil society” member has proposed that all the polling booths in the country should have some sort of an idiot-detecting gadget installed at the entrance so that no idiot passes through it and casts his or her vote in favor of an undeserving candidate.

The member has further proposed setting up a joint drafting committee to design this gadget, which would be known as “mental detector”.

“Most of the Indian voters are idiots. They support any candidate who can give them a 100-rupee note or a bottle of liquor. That’s why people like Anna Hazare fear losing their deposit if they stand for elections,” Nishant Bhushan, the civil society member argued, “We don’t trust these people with good sense, and hence we must stop them from voting and corrupting the system further.”

Mental Detector
The civil society member claims his gadget is already functional and foolproof

Mr. Bhushan said that in order to stop good people like Anna Hazare to go on fast again and again, a proper system needs to be in place that stops idiots from voting or having a say in policy formulation. For the same, he recommended designing and installing “mental detectors” at polling booths whenever an assembly or general election takes place next in India.

“I have a prototype of mental detector ready and I’m ready to have a discussion on its functioning with a few nominees from the government, but the key issue is that we must get this mental detector installed as soon as possible,” Nishant Bhushan, also a lawyer by tradition profession, told Faking News in an exclusive interview.

Government is yet to respond to the suggestions of Mr. Bhushan, but former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh has rejected the proposal as “idiotic”.

“Why doesn’t Bhushan test himself with his mental detector first and share the results? And let him do that in public and not in presence of a few good friends,” Amar Singh dared Bhushan.

Meanwhile sources suggest that while the government might agree to the formation of the joint drafting committee as demanded by Mr. Bhushan, the leaders are not too keen to get a powerful and accurate “mental detector” designed.

“They fear the consequences if such a gadget is installed at the entrance of Parliament and state assemblies,” informed our source.