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Realizing it's the biggest tech challenge, IITs to offer diploma in Screen Protector Installation for mobiles

31, Oct 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: As soon as you buy a smartphone, a smarter one emerges. This statement holds good in regard to the contemporary evolution of mobile phones across the world. But this is not the only challenge related to smartphones.

Everyday thousands of people purchase new smartphones ranging from the posh Apple and Samsung to middle-class Micromax and Xiaomi. The buyers protect their phones like babies from the moment they purchase it.

The happiness of having purchased your favorite smart-phone lasts only until the moment of screen protector installation arrives. It is at this point a lot of buyers face difficulties in installing protectors on the delicate screens of their phones.

Screen Protector
It’s an art, apart from being technological requirement, to install the screen protector.

They’re often found disappointed and stressed, sometimes due to a wrong angle and sometimes by perspiring efforts to drive the air-bubbles out of the region between screen and the screen protector. If a boy is installing a protector on behalf of his girlfriend, the need to get it perfectly becomes very crucial to the phone and the relationship.

Well, the times of suffering are now coming to an end with technology enthusiasts and staff from the Indian Institute of Technology vouching for a diploma course in installing screen-protectors.

Our market experts say Post Graduate Diploma in Screen Protector Installation (PGDSPI) is a brilliant idea to make the buyers stress free and simultaneously play a role in decreasing unemployment by giving “Certified Screen Protector Professionals” to the nation.

Faking News spoke to a contributing senior student at the IIT and he confirmed the development.

“I change smart-phone every 6 months and I really know the pain of installing these protectors. During our leisure time in the hostel, we have come up with various innovative techniques that would simplify the process to a surprising level of ease. A few days ago, one of our friends installed an iPhone 6 tempered glass screen protector within 2 minutes!” said Akash as he appeared excited with the progress of their ideas.

“At this point, we decide to take it forward to the higher authorities. The authorities are now in discussions with the central ministry to extend the collection of techniques to a technical diploma course. This would increase employment opportunities for those who are in real need of jobs.”

“The qualification to enroll into this course would be minimal: ability to read and write, use smart-phones and optionally, previous experience in performing technical work, to name a few. However, this is still under discussion, as lack of formal education could become a controversial issue and it could get marred in politics,” ended Akash.