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Robot programmed to function as traffic police found collecting bribe

05, Jul 2015 By Rohit Ballurgi

Bangalore: Inspired by PM Modi’s call for Digital India Movement, Karnataka government with the help of ISRO, is set to launch Robots, programmed to function as a traffic police.

Just like the real traffic cop, this one too asks for bribe
Just like the real traffic cop, this one too asks for bribe

ISRO taking inputs from Bangalore traffic police, has developed a prototype of Robo-Cop and named it Chitti. Chitti has been put in to 30 days of trial, functioning as traffic police in the city. ISRO has committed to bring in 50 such Robots in the city, by the end of this year. On his first day, Chitti was deployed on Airport road, for checking the vehicles which are over speeding.

“Chitti doesn’t need any external Speed tracking device, he has some embedded components programmed to detect over speeding vehicles. It can stop more than 100 vehicles and also issue Challan at the same time. No over speeding vehicles can escape from Chitti.

In case any vehicle tries to escape, Chitti activates the magnets installed in his hands, to stop and pull the vehicle back. Chitti is given a specially designed motor bike, which he can ride at the speed of 200 Kmph, he can chase down any over speeding vehicle,” said Mr Srinivasan, project head from ISRO.

However, it seems in an effort to make Chitti function like a real Cop ISRO failed to anticipate a few things. As on the first day as a traffic Police, Chitti was caught demanding bribe from the people, on different instances.

“I was driving my car at 90, on Airport road, a Robot stopped me, he showed me his ID, then asked me, whether I want to go to court or settle down the matter for Rs 200, I had no choice but to settle the matter there itself,” said Sanjay Verma who working as a design engineer at ITC.

“I was wheeling my bike, on National Highway when that dude (Chitti) caught me, asked for 200 but when I refused, first he slapped me, then forcibly too Rs 500 from my wallet,” said Rocky, a college student. “I am still not able to open my mouth,” Rocky added.

“Chitti has collected Rs 250000 on his first day, as bribe, and issued 20 challans that is 5 times more than what our traffic control unit comprising 5 persons makes in 2 days,” said Mr. Basavant, Commissioner of Police Traffic East Division.

“With more Robots in the streets of Bangalore, we are expecting to increase our revenue, bringing more discipline on the roads.” Mr Basavant further added.