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Rs 251 Smartphone's charger to cost 20,000

18, Feb 2016 By Rajesh Turlapati

New Delhi: Indian company Ringing bells which recently launched the world’s cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251, made another announcement about the phone.

In the new announcement made on Wednesday at press meet, the company’s PRO said that the charger of the new phone will be sold separately for 20,000 rupees.

Phone for Rs 251, but charger for Rs 20,000
Phone for Rs 251, but charger for Rs 20,000

“The smartphone is built such a way that it requires unique specially designed charger for every piece. So any buyer who is looking to buy this phone for Rs 251 should also pay Rs 20,000 for charger,” revealed Samit Saxena PRO of Ringing Bells.

“This makes total cost of phone plus charger to Rs 20,251,” he added.

Faking News reporter questioned Mr. Saxena as to why is the phone being billed as the cheapest when the charger costs more than the phone. He replied, “We said the phone will cost Rs 251, and we stand on that. We never said anything about charger’s cost.”

The new announcement triggered an uproar social media. Many criticizing the company for misleading the people, many of whom were already looking to purchase the device.

“I have ordered 500 phones for all AAP volunteers, Now I need another 1 Cr Rs to buy chargers. This is all Modi’s fault,” Delhi CM Kejriwal screamed while addressing party workers.

AAP workers were seen scampering to put a few more ads in newspaper to brighten up Mr. Kejriwal’s mood.

“I will buy a Pakistan made smart phone instead,” tweeted a frustrated student from JNU.

Meanwhile, Apple filed a patent-violation case against Ringing Bells for copying their ‘Costliest specially designed Chargers’ formula.