Running out of food options, food blogger reviews Shampoos containing fruits and other edibles

14, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Food bloggers are people who cook extensively and post about their cooking stories along with super appetizing pictures. They also review different types of food and street food as well. Shwetank Malik is one such food blogger based out of Mumbai and is running a successful food blogging channel on YouTube.


Off late though, Shwetank has run out of food categories and places to go and review as he has almost covered every food item and restaurant. But he has found a unique solution to the problem, something that can be game-changer in the food blogging industry. He found that most of the soaps and Shampoos nowadays have more edibles in them compared to the food items. And it is a huge category.

Every shampoo comes with some or the other edible in it. Some have almonds, some have a lemon, and some have a proper fruit platter. Shwetank has started reviewing the Shampoo bottles and his initial videos are a hit on YouTube.

He plans to finish reviewing all shampoos in the next couple of years after which he will try and find out a new category to review food items or food items used in other products.