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Sachin Tendulkar's Smartron phone doesn't charge beyond 99%, company says it's looking into it

03, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

Sachin Tendulkar’s much talked about Smartron smartphone which was launched today amidst rave reviews also got some flak after reports of ‘battery issue’ surfaced in the media.

The much anticipated Sachin Smartron phone
The much anticipated Smartron phone

Many first time users reported that the smartphone fails to charge beyond 99% even after extended hours of charging, which made them wonder if this was intended or some glitch in the product.

Speaking to Faking News, one such user said, “I am a fan of Sachin and was waiting for this product to be launched. But the moment I started charging it, the battery displayed full charge at 99%. Initially it looked like a bug. But when others too reported the same issue. I thought it was some smartphone feature specific to this product,” said Rohan Salgaokar, an MBA student.

Loyal fans of the master blaster were angry, some even thought that the company trolling Sachin and refused to buy the phone till the problem was rectified. “I can understand that the smartphone needs to have features that remind us of Sachin. But this 99% charge is not in good taste. If this is not rectified we will boycott the product,” said an angry Sanjay Mhatre, President of Sachin Tendulkar Fans Union (STFU).

STFU has also asked its yuva members to stop attending schools, colleges and offices till their demands are met. “Just like how Sachin bhau bunks Rajya Sabha, we will also bunk college and office,” said one member.

To prevent this matter from snowballing into a major controversy, makers of the smartphone have assured that the matter will be looked into. Sachin Tendulkar himself was unavailable for comment.