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Samsung Announces New Phone With 128 GB RAM Mandir Pics

31, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. On Tuesday, Samsung unveiled S-12, its latest smartphone and within hours the device managed to trend at the top on almost all social media platforms. The phone got maximum thumbs up from India for its country-specific design. The phone will cater to the specific needs of Indians. 81awfs7ekSL

What kind of Indian needs?
Speaking to Faking News, Samsung Media head, Chung Sui revealed “See India is the fastest growing economy in the world and for us, it is the biggest market for phones, so we wanted to come up with something that fulfils the needs of the common man. To understand their needs a team of 50 Samsung employees were sent to India for research. The team posed questions about the Size, Pricing, RAM etc. and upon listening to the word “RAM” the staff was greeted with RAM RAM, hence we decided to come up with two RAMs. However, later we realised that they are talking about RAM, their lord.”
“After getting deferred multiple times, the RAM Mandir case is giving a tough time to RAM devotees and many are now losing their patience that could in turn harm BJP electorally,” said one of the devotees from Prayag Raj.
RAM mandir has become a hot topic as the general elections are nearing, hence Samsung has decided to pre-install 128 GB RAM Mandir pictures in its phones. Reportedly, BJP is likely to distribute these phones for free to the people attending the Kumbh in Uttar pradesh, so as to woo them.