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Samsung Galaxy S4 to disconnect call if you raise middle finger

16, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Samsung has announced a breathtaking new feature for its latest smartphone Galaxy S4. The phone will automatically disconnect a voice call you are on, if you raise your middle finger to show your frustration with the ongoing conversation.

“We are calling it the finger-tracking feature, which is in line with our eye-tracking feature,” a Samsung engineer explained, “Just like the eye-tracking feature pauses a video if you start looking away from the mobile screen, the finger-tracking feature disconnects the call if you get pissed off while talking and raise your middle finger.”

Samsung Galaxy S4
Designed for pissed-off humans

The smartphone company claims that this new feature will come handy to people who get a lot of phone calls from their workplace, not to mention calls from the telemarketing executives.

“Your boss could scream at you and ask you to report to him within 5 minutes, but now you can feel even by disconnecting the call by showing your middle finger,” the engineer explained how the smartphone helps in anger-management.

Sources tell Faking News that earlier Samsung had thought of a feature that will disconnect a call if a person murmurs something like “bencho” while on a call, but this feature was fraught with risks.

“It is not easy to track lip-movement; else a special software for Manmohan Singh or Mulayam Singh Yadav would have been developed by now,” the Samsung engineer explained.

“On the other hand, disconnecting a call when a sound like ‘bencho’ is recorded would have appeared as just another voice-recognition feature. In fact, Apple would have sued us again for copying Siri,” the engineer added.

“Also, we have some internal research that shows that such words are used very frequently by Indians, especially Punjabis, and it doesn’t mean that the person is pissed off and wants to end the conversation. Normal conversation would have become almost impossible if we had introduced this feature,” the engineer explained why the smartphone company decided to go for the more user-friendly feature i.e. finger-tracking.

Latest reports say that Samsung is in talks with Virat Kohli for appearance in a TV commercial that advertises this raise-middle-finger-to-disconnect-call feature.