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Samsung launches Android powered smart sleeping mattress

04, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Samsung has finally forayed into sleeping mattress business and introduced first of its kind android powered mattress named “Sleepy 2014”, which is a technologically advance “smart mattress” running on Android 4.4 KitKat.

“We want to revolutionize almost everything, and what better way than making all of them run on Android? We are getting smart, so all other things should catch up. Phone, TV, watches, and now mattresses,” said Lee Kun-hee, chairman of the South Korean conglomerate.

“Think of Sleepy 2014 as a huge soft mobile phone, on which one can sleep too. You can call it a ‘Phabtress’ if you want, but it’s a mattress at the core,” Kun-hee explained.

Android bed
Sleepy 2014 can be charged and taken outdoors too

Besides having normal mobile phone features, Sleepy 2014 has many other specially designed features that will make your sleeping process effortless and more enjoyable.

An attached touch screen pillow, size of which can be easily adjusted by pinch zooming, is one of the distinguishing functionalities of Sleepy 2014. The mattress has an app, which is capable of even recording dreams of the person who is sleeping on it.

“In normal cases, we forget what we dreamt last night, but not anymore. If you are having a nightmare, it will wake you up by vibrating itself,” the CTO of Samsung explained the cutting-edge features, “The same vibration feature has been used in the alarm app. Imagine an alarm which will make it almost impossible for you to sleep and miss deadlines.”

“The in-built e-mail reading app is capable of delivering mails even in user’s dreams. It’s just to make sure that you read your mails in time,” the CTO told Faking News.

Sleepy 2014 is a boon for insomnia patients. If a person sleeping on it keeps turning sides quite frequently, it will automatically start playing lullabies to make him or her fall asleep.

Not only that, it has some great social networking apps, which will place you a step ahead of your peers, Samsung engineers claim.

“A user is allowed to make his snoring and farting sounds as public or private property. In case the user chooses public, the moment he will fart or snore, it will automatically post the sound clippings on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can share the most intimate moment with your friends,” said one of the developers of the smart mattress.

Meanwhile, arrival of such an advanced product in the market has sent shock waves across normal mattress makers. Market analysts are afraid that top brands like Sleepwell and Kurl-On may go the Nokia way if they don’t innovate.

“It’s just the start. Maybe one day, they will launch Android powered children,” a market watcher and tech expert predicted.