Scientist finds a cure for corona virus in his backyard, releases recipe on YouTube

24, Apr 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Spreading relief among the millions of corona virus patients, today a scientist from Patna is claiming to have found a cure for corona virus. 



In a sudden turn of events, Dr. Chanakya, PhD, a senior scientist and professor at Patna University, has found a cure for corona virus and released his recipe on YouTube. He showed that the corona virus cure is a concentrated mix obtained by cooking around 10 herbs and spices including ginger and garlic in water using low heat. He insisted that this recipe in fact has a lot of medicinal properties, and is not just providing the necessary immunity, but also the much wanted corona cure. He confirmed confidently that the whatsapp messages have some truth, but are just missing the recipe and the ingredients proportions.


Amazed Faking news reporters from all corners of Patna gathered at his place, despite lockdown and interviewed him. They asked him how he managed to find the cure, when the industry labs and doctors across the world are still confounded by the virus.


“I am Chanakya, single, 38, bored like everyone for the past one month and was digging in my backyard to kill my boredom. I unearthed a few ancient artifacts, including some large red stones, tiles used for roof and bricks and a large grinding stone. I performed carbon dating on these stones and found them tracing back to 250BCE, Asoka times and they have some carvings in Magadhi language. Being an archaeologist by profession, I observed that the carvings prophesied that the corona virus will be impacting the world in 2020 AD and they described the cure in detail. The carvings on the large red stone stipulated those proportions.”


“It’s one of those things that you literally have to see to believe it”, he said pointing to them the carvings on the large red stone.


He has become overnight famous while ginger and garlic sales around Patna increased further 10-fold. 


The next morning, his wife returned home after one month and expressed concerns as he has lost his sanity and forgotten his family. He is actually Dr. Adityanath, married with two kids, unlike the reports in which he is single. He has been experiencing hallucinations of himself as Dr. Chanakya, a famous archaelogist at Bulandi Bagh, Patna and imagined himself as finding the cure for corona virus. When asked his wife, whether he needs to be admitted to the mental asylum, she said confidently, “I can bring him back to the reality. A month back, he did not allow me to buy 10kg of ginger and garlic, the only means to protect us from corona virus or any illness. I am quite sure that the magical properties of ginger and garlic can cure his hallucinations as well”.


Meanwhile, Government is suggesting to maintain sanity during the lockdown, and not to believe the fake news from the media.

Author: Radhika Arava