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Scientists develop special vision red goggles; will help people to be able to see their friends who vanished after taking money

06, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

Have you ever given money to friends or loaned some cash to relatives and never saw them again? If you have, then what scientists at AAAS have done will ensure you longer have to hunt them.

The scientists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) have developed special vision red goggles; the ones that will help people to be able to see their friends who have vanished after taking their money.

The recent innovation was made public at a press conference organized in Chicago. The head of AAAS, Mr. Ronald Grump, demonstrated the features of the invention.

The team behind the development of this innovation was led by Mr. Kundar Pichai, an Indian-origin American. He said, “I was born and brought up in India. I shifted to U.S. 10 years ago. Even though I got out of India, India didn’t get out of me. I still remember every small trait that Indians possess. Back when I was studying at an engineering college in Mumbai, there were many instances when I loaned money to my friends either for a cigarette or for a date and many other reasons. And whenever I wanted the money back, I just couldn’t find them. It was like every time they just vanished. Last year, when I was talking to my son who’s studying in the same engineering college in Mumbai, he told me he’s experiencing the same problem that I and many other guys have faced. I decided that I need to do something to end this problem, using my skills and expertise. I was thinking about it sitting on my couch and watching Mr. India and that’s when this idea struck me.”

He further explained the product features, “Let me show how this works. As a volunteer, we asked one of our team members stationed in India, Mr. Gupta to lend money to a colleague who was asking him since a long time. He was reluctant to give him money because the last time he had lent the money, he was just not able to see or find him anywhere. We convinced Mr. Gupta to do the same again and use our product. So he lent him money for a month and at the time of recovering money, he used our product. He put on our goggles; roamed in his office as well as nearby areas and he found his colleague in the cafeteria.”

He showed the video demonstration, “As you can see there is a camera fitted on the top of the goggles. When Mr. Gupta removes the goggles, we aren’t able to see the colleague. When he puts them back on the colleague is visible. In the next update, we will also install GPS and sensors, which will enable users to trace them at their exact location and get notifications about the same.”

The product prototype is first going to be tested in the Indian market in the first week of March. We hope that the testing is successful and the product is fully launched so that we can avail the benefits of this product that has been tentatively named Finding Money.”