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Small farmer Robert Vadra all set to start another Green Revolution

09, Sep 2013 By Mishtik Journo

Gurgaon. Some are calling it the Green Revolution 4.20 while some are calling it Grey Revolution (because the color of cement is grey), but India is all set to see a huge spike in agricultural and real estate goods, thanks to the efforts of small farmer Robert Vadra.

Vadra has entered into a partnership with Monsanto to develop genetically modified seeds for popular Indian crops. These crops will grow on concrete surfaces of high-rise buildings.

Robert Vadra
Should he be given Bharat Ratna now?

“Emergence of such a technology was inevitable with more and more agricultural land in India being converted into barren concrete jungles, which remain unoccupied,” Tony Briganza, a Mosanto spokesperson claimed.

There are strong rumors that the research has been partly funded by the Indian Land Grabbers Association (ILGA) who are facing the heat of lower prices and reduced occupancy for housing societies they have built.

“Since middle class is not able to afford those luxurious apartments, we are hoping small farmers will buy them,” a member of the ILGA told Faking News.

Grey revolution is expected to have many times bigger implications for the Indian agricultural sector than the green revolution.

“The per hectare yield shall go up by at least six times as the cultivable area will multiply with each storey being added,” said Hira Lal Raheja a prominent builder constructing a 10 floor building concrete farm.

“In drawing room you can grow Rabi while in the bedroom have Kharif crop for variety,” an overenthusiastic real estate company known for making exaggerated advertisements claimed. It was later withdrawn when pointed out that Rabi and Kharif relate to crops grown in different seasons.

Environmentalists, who are opposed to skyscrapers, are skeptical of these multi-storey structures too. “We will have to examine the shade that color Green will produce on a base of Grey,” commented an uncertain Sunita Narain.

Meanwhile, farmers’ leader Ram Bharose has demanded that the compensation under Land Acquisition Act be increased to twenty times the market value in view of this breakthrough.

While Congress is non-committal over compensation being increased, sources say that a few Bharat Nirman ads are already being shot to showcase this latest achievement (even though it remains on paper).

“All those making fun of Mr. Vadra should be ashamed of themselves now,” Congress leader Renuka Chaudhari said, “The incident has once again proved that every member of the family is a priceless gem for the country. The country is ready to develop under the kinship leadership of Rahul Gandhi.”