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Smart brain launched to help dumb people operate smart gadgets

05, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. With smart phones, smart watches, smart televisions, smart glasses, and other smart devices around, many users have felt the need to have a smart brain to operate them.

This need has been met if latest reports are to be believed. Innovators have launched a “smart brain” that can be used when the natural brain, if any, is felt inadequate.

Human brain
The smart brain will come in various attractive colors so that dumb people can buy it

“Well, the primary target audiences are dumb people, but we are sure that even normal people will use it to complement their natural brains,” Tez Narayan, a researcher claimed.

“It’s just like getting an external hard disk, so one shouldn’t feel any shame in using smart brain,” Tez added, “It will help in more ways than just operating modern gadgets.”

The gadget comes in size of a normal human brain and a user can either carry it in a sleek pouch or wear it over his or her head. Once plugged in to the natural brain, a user can easily operate all complex gadgets and even appear smart to fellow human beings.

Realizing that not many people would like to concede that they need a smart brain, the gadget comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. A user can hide it at a place and appear smart within a radius of 10 meters.

“A girl is advised to walk the talk and move away more than 10 meters with the guy to be sure that he is not using an artificial brain to impress her,” Tez explained how the gadget could be “misused” by some people.

The smart brain will use normal electricity and will have rechargeable battery. Battery will drain the fastest when the gadget is set at “Stephen Hawkins” level and will last the longest when set at “< deleted-by-Kapil-Sibal>” level.

However, tech experts and analysts believe that the latest gadget is not needed at all.

“Those, who are dumb enough to even find a smartphone operation complex, won’t be able to wear the smart brain properly. Maybe they’ll plug in the wrong ends and end up being dumber,” Dal Makhani, a gadget expert claimed.

“And those who are smart enough to operate a smartphone need no more brain for daily life. I mean, who needs brains to enjoy today’s movies or TV news discussions?” Makhani told Faking News.