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Sony launches new smart camera, to support dual sim

01, Apr 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Sony India has launched a new smart camera for Indian market, today. The new camera to support dual sim, the spokesperson for the electronics giant told Faking News. We are the market leaders in the camera market, but never had broken thru the mobile phone market. Now, with the launch of our smart camera, hopefully we would catch best of both the markets, he further added to Faking News.

sony camera

“Worldwide, people find it very cool to be able to take photographs from a mobile phone. Other than serving the primary need of a phone, people would like the device to do too many other things and call it a smart phone. Smart or not, our new camera will have a few more things to do like supporting a dual sim and printing out the photos as soon as they are clicked. No, it is not like Polaroid,” the Sony guy told Faking News.

“When you buy a shoe, you just buy a shoe. There is no such thing as a smart shoe with a GPS device to direct you while walking. There are no smart hand gloves with a built-in screen in the palm. No smart caps and thankfully no smart inner-wear. Why do we need smart phones?” Sony guy visibly seemed exasperated with his rhetorical question.

“This entire thing about a phone replacing wrist watches, cameras and audio devices is unacceptable. Hell! People aren’t even buying torch lights anymore. And the most devastating of all, no one goes to a park to play anymore! At Sony, we want to bring back the joy of carrying good old camera to all. The only way we can achieve this is by throwing in a couple of SIMs in it,” he smiled triumphantly at Faking News reporter.

Before taking leave, our reporter clarified that both the SIMs can be Jio and camera will automatically switch between the two whenever technically needed.