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Student finally leaves his hostel after 3 months while playing Pokemon Go

12, Jul 2016 By banneditqueen

Bhopal: Manish Yadav, a final year Electrical Engineering student of MANIT has finally left his hostel after 3 months thanks to the new sensation, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and it has become a worldwide rage overnight.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go- Taking people back outside!

Everyone, including his friends and hostel warden were shell-shocked to see him roaming outside the hostel. His Professor couldn’t believe their luck when they saw him approaching the classroom but were relieved to see Manish is fine when he just went past the classroom ignoring them.

Pranay, a friend of Manish told Faking News, “It has been three months since we last saw him outside his room. He spends his time online during the day, chatting or playing games and spends his evenings drinking so he never really had a need to go outside. Hostel security guard gets him alcohol in exchange of 8 GB porn in his USB and our canteen has a faster delivery than Domino’s so food wasn’t a concern either. But Pokemon Go succeeded where even our HOD failed. It dragged Manish out of his room and into the world. It is a historic occasion; think we will celebrate it with daru tonight.”

“We thought about asking him to attend a class today as well just to stay in touch with his classmates but then decided against it, baby steps. Today he has come out of the hostel, maybe in another 3 months; he will enter the classroom as well. We should not rush these things. Right now we would just like to thank Pokemon Go and all the developers for getting Manish out in the open again”, Pranay added.

We tried to get a reaction from Manish but he ignored us as he looked with amazement at a building and muttered, “Bloody hell, that entire building wasn’t there when I last stepped out.”