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Sundar Pichai steps down as Google CEO, says he took up the position only to redesign the logo

02, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

California: Sundar Pichai, who was elevated to the position of CEO of tech giant Google, has decided to step down after just a month of taking over.

Sundar Pichai at his farewell address
Sundar Pichai at his farewell address

In an email addressed to employees he said, “My job here is done. I never believed in making tall promises and not fulfilling them. I told them I will redesign the logo and I have done that. I hope every person who has ever been associated with Google will be proud today.”

A Google spokesperson while speaking to the media said, “Changing the logo was the most important decision taken by our CEO. I can’t think of anything that could be called more significant than this and it can be validated by the fact that #GoogleLogo was trending on twitter.”

Google founders were all praise for the India born CEO. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, said that he came to know that Sundar in Hindi means beautiful and that is the reason why the top management decided to elevate Sundar Pichai. So that he could make the logo look simple yet beautiful.

It is yet known as to who will be taking over from Mr. Pichai but sources tell us that it would probably be someone with Indian roots. Media as usual is already on the hunt to find all possible ‘Indian connections’ of the next CEO.

Speaking of India, Prime Minister Modi congratulated Mr. Pichai for his achievement and hoped that Google makes its search engine even better so that achievements of BJP government are highlighted. He also took a shot at Arvind Kejriwal and said, “Mitron, Kejriwal aur Pichai dono IIT se hai lekin kitna fark hai dono mein. Ek desh ka naam roshan kar raha hai aur doosre ko picture aur rock concert se fursat nahi milti.

Meanwhile, the news of Sundar Pichai stepping down was not well received in Tamil Nadu. “People have not yet finished celebrating and this guy decides to step down. He didn’t even care for Tamil Pride. Before stepping down he should at least appoint some Tamilian is his place,” said a student studying at IIT Madras, visibly upset at the loss bragging rights.