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Surgery will not revive dead heartbeats among couples: Cardiac specialist

01, Nov 2014 By Mishtik Journo

Sydney and India: Successful revival of a dead heart by an Australian doctor of Nepali origin during the course of a transplant here has sent millions of hearts of young couples racing.

“Our hearts no longer beat for each other,” lamented Ankita and Ankit, a couple from Delhi, separately, “This development in medical sciences has given us new hope.”

Surgery doesn't work here
Surgery doesn’t work here

Speaking on the Indian couples comments, Dr Kumud Dhital reacted from Sydney, Australia,”Sorry to disappoint but modern  science is not likely to develop the art a surgical procedure which can revive dead heartbeats among couples alienated from each other. Although we keep working on it.”

Today Majnu’s heartbeat shoots up at the sight of latest model of Audi or at successful procurement of a business contract while the Laila’s heart comes to her mouth at the sight of diamonds studded 400,000 rupees Rolex watch.

For Romeo it is the beat of drums at the nightclub that sends his heartbeat out of rhythm while the Juliet craves for compliments and anything gift-wrapped to stimulate hers; but today’s Romeo Juliet are not ‘made for each other’ like Jim and Della of ‘The gift of the Magi’.

As Prahalad Kakkar, an advertising guru put it aptly, “The popular ‘Made for each other’ concept from ITC is now obsolete; ‘Ik mein hoon aur ik tu‘ brand of individualism is the order of the day”

For hearts of lakhs of others, ‘likes’ on a post on Facebook, watching an emotion soaked soap on TV or reading a heart touching quote on Whatsapp is an ego trip to go on, several times a day.

“My heartbeat fluctuates between 100 and 60 when my boy friend praises my dress and when he criticizes the choice of my sandals,” complained Kritika from Nagpur.

As we have transcended from ‘Piya tose naina lage re... ‘ and ‘Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne…‘ to ‘Chaar botal Vodka… ‘ , ‘party yoohin chaalegi…. ‘ and ‘Tu meri bang bang.. ‘ the cues to stimulate young hearts have changed dramatically.

Meanwhile, for 50 year old Priya from Jhansi, simply yet gracefully dressing to welcome her husband back home from work at 8 pm sends her heart racing. For Prem, her husband, the prospect of a delicious dinner cooked by Priya waiting for him on the way back home is a joy to behold in his heart daily, 365 days a year.