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Swiss Banks categorized as black holes, withdrawal of anything possessing finite mass is impossible in this era

31, Oct 2014 By ajeeb

Switzerland/New Delhi: Centre govt, on Monday disclosed names of three people having black money deposits in foreign banks. It might so happen that there will be few more names popping out in the near future.

But, if sources in Switzerland are to be believed, banks in Switzerland are turning into black holes.

Retraction, LOL!
Retraction, LOL!

This discovery came into limelight yesterday at around noon as per the IST.

“Everything was going fine, as usual, it was early morning time, suddenly every worker felt a dramatic force that was trying to engulf all earthly matter which includes us the sapiens too. This extra gravity pulled all such things to the locker room and things are trapped inside,” revealed SadaLakshmi Keller, an Indian origin banker who managed to escape through the bank.

On being inquired about the possibility of withdrawing or depositing money, she said, “According to my scientific knowledge there is nothing from the bank you will be able to withdraw. Our workplace has become a kind of a heavily massed object having its own gravity, depositing everything in the locker room. There is no question of withdrawal, if you have black money faith in us, just throw anything towards the bank and it will be deposited with an assurance of safety.”

Her information gives a slight hint of the bank being converting into a black hole, the ones which were supposed to be beyond sky region of our galaxy.

“Who knows, the government depositees may itself will be permanently stored in the bank,” she threatened added.

Meanwhile, there is an extreme heat rising against this issue in the Indus valley.

“Unearthing supposedly black deposits from a black hole has become a major scientific challenge for us, I will go to the deepest possible roots beneath this unnatural event,” said India’s leading political party, JAP convenor, over a secured telephone line.

Sources have also confirmed about Mr. Lejriwak flying to Cambridge for a private tutorial by Prof. Hawking over black holes and their physical properties.