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Tata Sky set top boxes working during rains, new virus suspected

14, Aug 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. In a bizarre development, several Tata Sky set top boxes have been found working without any signal outage even during heavy downpour. Experts have narrowed it down to a new hi-tech virus which is causing this disturbance in the normal flow of things.

Random incidents began surfacing about two weeks back when customers started complaining to Tata Sky’s tech support as they kept receiving signals even when it was raining cats and dogs. After several such complaints in a short span of time, Tata Sky team investigated and has concluded that a virus has intruded in the system causing such malfunctions.

“It is kind of cyber attack,” a technical support team member of Tata Sky said, “Someone has planted a bug in our system and the bug is spreading fast. This could be either by our business rivals to malign Tata Sky as the only DTH that fails to predict rains, or it could be by Pakistanis who want to disrupt normal life of people.”

Tata Sky
The virus is behaving as if not a drop of water is there on the dish antenna

Tata Sky subscribers too are unhappy and want the DTH service provider to get rid of the virus as soon as the possible.

“The error screen of Tata Sky had become integral part of our lives during the monsoon. We’d often enjoy chai, pakoda, and error message by Tata Sky whenever it rains,” Devesh Gupta from Kandivali told Faking News.

“Suddenly there is a void. It feels were are not in Mumbai,” he added.

Many other customers too are cautious over this unusual development.

“This is frightening! Earlier I used to lose signal even when the neighbor upstairs put out his wet clothes to dry in the balcony, now I get all the channels even during the heaviest downpour! Something is not right,” said Mr. Sharma from Borivali.

“Not only I worry what will this virus do in future, but my privacy has also gone for a toss,” Mr. Sharma further revealed, “All the time my neighbors are here either trying to get their set top boxes infected with the same virus or to watch TV during rains.”

Meanwhile, BMC is wondering if they can somehow get the sewerage system infected by the same virus so that it works even during the rainy season.