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Techie develops browser plugin to figure out the real 'download' button on torrent site

14, Sep 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: In what could be a major breakthrough for the download culture, a software engineer from India’s Silicon Valley has reportedly developed a highly useful plugin for those facing difficulty in determining the genuine torrent download link from the list of links available in various corners of the page.

Will the real download button please stand up
Will the real download button please stand up

‘Bindaas Click’ is believed to be the name of the plugin that is soon going to be available for download on Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Harish Kumar, the developer of this plugin, was quite ecstatic with the browser communities’ agreeing to host his plugin under their respective online download centers.

Speaking to Faking News, Harish said, “I have been a download junkie all my life. From downloading How Stuff Works material from the internet during school days to downloading porn during college days, I’ve faced quite a few challenges. One of the most difficult issues faced by passionate downloaders is finding the appropriate download link for the required torrent while the page actually provides you with at least 5-6 links.”

“Each link seduces the user to click on it just like Bipaasha seduces heroes in Bollywood films. The user feels so much stressed while trying to choose the right link; the thought of malware attacking his system terrifies him, forces him to search for alternatives,” said a thoughtful Harish as he continued to provide more insight.

“Bindaas Click is simple to download; it will soon be available in plugin centers of various browsers. Just like you install AdBlockerPlus on your browser to block annoying ads on YouTube, you will need to accept terms and conditions and proceed with the install. Once installed, you may visit your torrent site and the cursor will automatically be on the genuine link. I hope everyone gets this plugin and download their stuff peacefully,” Harish concluded.

Sources say, the spam industry is going to suffer huge losses as users won’t be clicking on fake links anymore. Noted spammer Spamnath Bharati is believed to have called upon an urgent meeting with his officials to counter Bindaas Click and may invent new methods to render this plugin inactive.