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Techie renames old excel file as Big Data, gains experience in Analytics

08, Oct 2015 By Kunal Kalkundri

Bengaluru: After completing two years in a major IT Company and after realizing he has done virtually nothing productive apart from warming the benches, Saurabh Gupta decided that he had enough of it.

When Big Data gets on you nerves
When Big Data gets on you nerves

Being an engineer, he calculated that he had spent not two but the last six years of his life doing absolutely nothing. That’s when Saurabh decided to be part of the latest circus in town called Big Data.

Two years back when Saurabh joined the IT Company, his parents proudly told everyone they met that their son works in IT. But off late his father who is a civil engineer called him to tell that the neighbors son was working in something known as Big Datum.

If that was not enough, the next day his girlfriend who was doing her majors in Japanese asked him on their daily call, “Baby why don’t you work in Big Data?”

Frustrated by the constant use of the term which he failed to understand, he called up one of his friends who worked in a rapidly-growing Analytics firm in Whitefield to find out what this phenomenon was all about.

“We basically do everything you do but in a way which you dont and on a scale that you can’t,” was the response he got from his friend.

Saurabh concluded that his friend too, knew nothing. He decided to research himself on the internet about it only to be convinced that it was going to be the next ‘big’ revolution but still didn’t understand what it was.

The next day he went to office and figured out a smart way to join the revolution. He searched for the ‘biggest’ excel file he had on his laptop and renamed it to Big Data. He logged into his LinkedIn account after recovering the password and told his colleague to endorse the ‘Big Data’ skillset on his profile along with adding to his job description that read ‘Working on Big Data using cutting edge technology’.

The very next day while he was travelling to office in an app-based cab (whose driver earned more than he did) the driver after seeing his laptop bag asked him “Sir, Do u also work on Big D?”

“YES,” screamed Saurabh and the battle was won.