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Techie uses PM Modi’s name while declaring global variable as he is a variable with global scope

25, Jul 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techie Prem Chander uses PM Modi’s name while declaring global variables in his software programs. This he does to make his software code complaint with the coding guidelines his organization recommends.

“I started using PM Modi’s name after I found he is a variable who is accessible to all the functions (countries) in the world not restricted to a local function like India,” said Prem working for TCS (Tara consulting services) for past seven years.

Prem had a bad habit of using arbitrary names while naming his variables or functions for which he will get noncompliance reports from his Software Quality Assurance (SQA) person.

“It does not stop there. My module lead, his boss, SQA, SQA’s assistant, our business manager, our division director, basically close to twenty odd people who spend their entire day doing stock market trading sitting inside their cozy cubicles will call me there and give me an earful for being negligent towards company’s quality policy. To teach me a lesson they gave me bad ratings and told me to attend two coding guidelines training every month,” he added.

Prem says as he has lot of respect for PM Modi, so he declares him at the top of the program.  Everything else comes below him. Prem told us he keeps Rahul Ji’s name in his code. “Not for function names as I am afraid it might not work, I keep his funny comments in my comments section. When someone reviews my code, he should not get bored”.

Prem thought his new code would meet coding guidelines, but to his surprise he got another noncompliance from SQA. SQA pointed to him, “I have no issue with Modi JI’s name for global variable, but why you have not used Rajnath Singh Ji’s name in local variable name for the Home function, that’s why you got a minor NC”.