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Teen started doing all the domestic chores as he prepares to ask parents for iPhone 7

01, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: 17 yrs old Anuj Khurana has suddenly turned into a very obedient child and started helping out his parents in all household chores as he prepares for the launch of iPhone 7. Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to be launched next week and Anuj wants to make sure he is among the first to get it whenever it reaches India.

iPhone 7
The kidney jokes are coming!

Not only has Anuj cleaned his room and arranged his closet, he is also helping out his parents by buying household necessities from the market. He is even studying regularly every day even though he doesn’t have an exam in sight.

Speaking to Faking News, Anuj said,”I want my parents to be really happy with me when I ask them for the latest iPhone. I am still using an iPhone 5 and I get mocked a lot among my friends for using this outdated mobile. I want to shut them all up by showing my iPhone 7. Hopefully, my parents are taking note of my dramatically improved and helpful behavior and agree to my request once the phone is launched.”

“I am cleaning my room daily; I have arranged my closet perfectly. I have even started taking a bath daily and I even comb my hair now to look like a good day. I haven’t played a video game in a week as I pretend to study during all my free time. I haven’t checked my social media accounts for the past 5 days now. I even went grocery shopping to help out my mother. I have been taking out the garbage regularly. It has been really hard but it is about putting mind over matter, my mind is focused on getting that iPhone 7”, Anuj added.

When we contacted Anuj’s father and asked him whether he will buy the iPhone 7 for himself or his family members, he replied, “Well, I do want to buy it for myself. I have been returning home from office early for a month now as I prepare to ask my wife for permission to buy the iPhone 7.”