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Theory tested and proved: Indian scientists throw stones at 10 random people; all of them turn out to be engineers

15, Aug 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was a proud moment for the scientists at Indian Science Organisation, when last Saturday, they finally put final nail in the coffin to their ongoing research, which was based on the number of engineers in India. The infamous theory of ‘In India, if you throw a stone, it will hit an engineer’ has been put to rest after Indian scientists finally proved it right.


We interviewed Mr. Deepak Ahluwalia, Head of Indian Science Organisation and here’s what he had to say “Since many years, we have been hearing the phrase that in our country, if you throw a stone, it will hit an engineer. Ever since I was a student, I wanted to know the rationale behind this statement. Even though I myself am an engineer, I needed some concrete proof to prove this theory.

So I formed a team of 11 members (all engineers) including myself. The fact that finding them wasn’t difficult gave me hopes that I can pull off this experiment successfully.” Speaking more about the experiment, he added “So we decided to carry out the experiment on a random street in Mumbai. We chose one in Dadar. We set up cameras and mikes, got 2 stone-throwing slingshots and began our experiment. Using the slingshots, 2 of our team members, who are also state level archers, threw stones at 10 random people walking on the street. Each time, it hit a person, our team used to go there, stop the person, ask about their graduation and return after getting slapped for throwing stones. And to our surprise and delight, all 10 of them were engineers and all 10 of them slapped our team members. We had pulled off the experiment successfully and we had the proof on camera. We finally did it!”

It is indeed a proud moment for our scientists and we hope they unravel more such theories soon.