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Thousands duped as conman sells them bottled moon water

24, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Sriharikota. Many local residents, along with several other families in different cities of India, were duped by a conman who sold them ordinary bottled water on pretext of selling water found on the moon. The residents believed the conman as they had earlier read and heard the news about water being discovered on moon by Chandrayaan. The conman had showed them fake pictures claiming the moon water was bottled and sanctioned by ISRO.

One of the fake pictures conman showed the unsuspecting buyers
One of the fake pictures conman showed the unsuspecting buyers to prove association with ISRO

“He told he was an employee of ISRO and was selling bottled moon water to promote India’s space mission. He claimed that the money earned by ISRO by selling moon water will be used to fund further researches. He showed us some pictures and documents that looked genuine. We believed him and gave him the money as he asked for just 40 rupees for a 1.5 litre bottle.” Shashank Shetty, who bought five bottles from the conman, told Faking News.

Experts have criticized common men for believing in such hearsays and point out that last year many families had paid money to buy land on moon. Psychologists believe that Indians are non-suspecting by nature and tend to believe most of the stuffs easily. This innate nature has been exploited by advertisers, tricksters, losers, politicians, conspiracy theorists, journalists, and husbands – experts point out.

The above fears seem to be true as attempts already are underway to cash on the “discovery of water on moon by an Indian lunar vehicle” sentiments, even though Americans maintain that it was their equipment (moon-mapper) on the vehicle (Chandrayaan) that performed the discovery.

According to our sources, many mineral water companies are going to announce their plans for packaging and selling drinking water from the moon. These companies could play on the “Indian” sentiments to target the Indian customers and the ‘purity’ factor to target the global markets.

“Moon has a special status in both Hinduism and Islam, and surely lunar water is going to be a special product for the Indians. Furthermore, no industries have been discovered so far on the moon by Chandrayaan, so the water is expected to be of the purest form. We are exploring possibilities of tying up with ISRO to develop a 560 crore mega project for this purpose.” a representative of leading mineral water manufacturing company confided to Faking News.

(with inputs from our special correspondent Binitwa)