TikTok suspends account after user made a good and decent video

06, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. TikTok is a hotbed of cringe material. Boys and girls who have nothing else to do spend a lot of time dishing out average stuff. So much thought would be going in to create such stuff as it is not the work of an innocent mind.


But as the Faking News has learned today, a man in Mumbai faced the consequences of making a good and decent video on TikTok. Sanil Srivastava had made a video about how to wash hands properly. The video was very knowledgeable and praiseworthy, something totally against the TikTok policies.

TikTok management took it seriously and suspended his account. TikTok has also started search operations for all such videos which are downgrading the video platform. Every user will be suspended as TikTik works hard to save its reputation which it has built after lots of hard work. It’s advice to all TikTokers to stick to what they are doing and not make logical videos.

Sanil is in shock right not but has promised that he will create another account and make some of the most cringe-worthy videos and become a TikTok superstar one day.