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US scientists confident of life on mars after images of empty pan masala packets were captured by Curiosity rover 

20, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

An ecstatic bunch on US scientists today stated with confidence that life on Mars does actually exist. “We have evidence that there is indeed life on the red planets. Data from the curiosity rover in the form of images have revealed the presence of empty pan masala packets in Mars. We are investigating it further but clearly these are interesting times for space exploration,” remarked a scientist.


Researchers are now putting the pieces together to know more about Mars and its inhabitants.

The scientific community is now speculating that the red color of planet may actually be a result of presence of pan masala eaters. “This could just be a hypothesis since we don’t have much data to back it up. But there is a possibility that martians like hewing on paan masala. And the red color of the planet could be a result of them spitting all over the place,” revealed a senior research scientist.

Surprisingly, the news also has an Indian connection. The US scientist also believe that some of the questions related to the aforementioned findings could be answered with Ajay Devgn’s help.

The Singham actor, who is the face of Vimal Paan Masala, is expected to meet scientists who will flying to India next month.

When Faking News tried contacting Ajay Devgn to confirm the news, the actor denied having knowledge of any such meeting. “I am busy promoting my next movie Tanaji right now and I have no time to meet anyone. These are just rumors. Just because I promote paan masala doesn’t mean that I am related to martians,” he said while speaking to our reporter.