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WhatsApp addict excited about desktop version of the app, found carrying his open laptop everywhere

22, Jan 2015 By idiot420

Mumbai. Gautam Gupta, a long time WhatsApp user, super excited about the app’s newly launched desktop version, has been found carrying his open laptop wherever he was going.

Gautam says he just can’t take off his eyes from the browser. “The thing which I was doing on my mobile, now I can do that on my laptop too, this is so awesome,” an elated Gautam told Faking News adding that till now he has informed near 200 people about WhatsApp’s desktop version, “For a change, my mobile is lying inside my pocket while I am still chatting on WhatsApp. This is so cool and amazing.”

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“It’s a really huge news for all those WhatsApp addicts who were bored of the monotony of wasting so much time on mobile. Being able to do the same stuff on a bigger screen is definitely going to add some extra fun to it,” Gautam further explained the reason why he was feeling so excited, “Doing WhatsApp on laptop is giving me a feeling of seeing my otherwise western wear loving girlfriend in traditional attire.”

Gautam even confessed of travelling in crowded Mumbai local with his laptop open. “It wasn’t that comfortable. But dude, the excitement of using WhatsApp on laptop was sufficient enough to motivate me from the inside,” he reasoned.

Revealing most important benefit of using WhatsApp on laptop, Gautam said that his mobile was getting a bit of rest.

However, if a close friend of Gautam is to be believed, by making himself too much thrilled about WhatsApp’s desktop version, Gautam is trying to get rid of his habit of constantly staring at “mobile” screen.

“Although it is pointless as he is trying to achieve that by replacing it with an even bigger screen,” commented Gautam’s friend.

Meanwhile, Gautam was spotted pleading a shopkeeper near Andheri station to allow him to charge his laptop.