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Widespread panic as Canon announces Camera integrated with Facebook

13, Jul 2012 By Toffee

New Delhi. Facebook users, who complain about being bombarded with pictures posted by their friends on their ‘timeline’, could face even more severe bombardment now as Canon has released a DSLR camera that is integrated with Facebook, which means users will be able to post pictures instantly on Facebook after they click it.

“Yes, the idea is inspired from the Facebook Camera application, but ours is a better solution. Facebook Camera allows users to share only those photos that are taken by mobile cameras, but such photos are no longer cool,” Yuichi Ishizuka, General Manager, Canon told Faking news.

“These days everyone shares photos taken by high-end DSLR cameras, showing off their photography skills,” he pointed out the social behavior of camera users, “So we thought a DSLR camera with Facebook will be the most sought after product.”

The person with a Canon camera will be able to post it on Facebook earlier than others and win the competition

“You will love Canon 550 FB,” Yuichi revealed the latest model, “In fact, you will ‘like’ it!”

Canon 550 FB will have a SIM card allowing internet connectivity that will connect the camera to user’s Facebook account.

With one click, users will now be able to push their friends into their photo albums.

“This is awesome!” said a visibly excited Rahul Photography (that’s his display name on Facebook, even though he has a Facebook page of the same name), “Now I don’t have to connect my camera to my laptop. I wish they also pre-install Photoshop in the camera so that I can edit it a bit and add my name on the pics.”

“Can I see how many likes and comments my photos receive on the camera itself? That’d be cool!” Rahul Photography wondered as soon as he imagined his photos on Facebook.

Millions of other Facebook photographers echoed similar sentiments as they went crazy with joy over the announcement. However, all of them wanted features such as photo-editing before posting and ability to ‘like’ and comment on Facebook from the camera itself.

Yuichi Ishizuka appreciated such feedback from the Facebook photographers and promised to integrate these features when launching the next model.

In order to stop other camera companies from copying the idea, Canon has roped in Facebook as the official partner. Confirming the association, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We are the world’s largest picture-sharing website and we strongly feel that a tie-up with Canon is strategically a right move towards our goal of making this world more social and pictorial.”

“We have already bought Instagram for just 1 billion dollars and we are hopeful to generate more traffic on Facebook by integrating it with Canon, the only camera partner of Facebook,” he said.

In return for this exclusive use of Facebook brand, Canon will allow Facebook ads to appear on the camera’s LCD screen and viewfinder. The ads will go away once they are ‘liked’ by the photographers, allowing them to click and share more photos.

However, this announcement has filled ‘non-photographer’ users of Facebook with horror. Most of them threatened to unfriend or unsubscribe their photographer friends if they didn’t stop.

Bhencho! What next? Forward SMS jokes by mobile and get them automatically posted as status messages?” protested a ‘normal’ Facebook user.

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