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Wife divorces husband for his refusal to buy the new iPhone

20, Sep 2014 By johnrj

Navi Mumbai. In a bizarre incident which questions yet again the craze at which people are addicted to smartphones, a newly married couple had to get a divorce since the wife wanted to buy the new iPhone for which the husband had opposed.

“I kept telling him months before the release that I wanted it badly but he never bothered with my request,” said Mrs. Smitha Sudhakar who had filed the suit initially, “As soon as it came out, he never bothered to buy it but rather started posting comparision articles of the phone with android phones in my Facebook wall.”

Can affect relationships?
Can affect relationships?

Mr. Ram Sudhakar, who works as a businessman, has been a lifelong Android user who recently got married to his love Smitha after he found her in Wechat search. They had dated for some time and proceeded to have a 6 month long relationship after which they had decided to get married. Marriage went well for some months but soon their differences came to light over their phone preferences.

“I keep telling her to get an Android phone since the apps are free and the speed is as good as an iPhone if not even better but no she keeps going back to that half bitten apple’s brand,” said an angry Mr. Sudhakar, “For the price they sell an iPhone, I could go on a round trip to the andamans and come back to do a full day shopping in the duty free shop.”

The pair’s controversies came into light due to their fights happening in twitter directly. Soon iPhone and android phone lovers started supporting each one of their tweets to fuel it further. By Sunday evening, the arguments had reached boiling point when Ram had sent a link for an “iJoke” but one which requires the latest flash software to view it and asked Smitha to try reading the joke in the iPhone. The tweet which was meant to ridicule the lack of flash support in the iPhone got an astounding thousand plus retweets which left Smitha enraged. Angered by the insult, she had filed a divorce through email.

“The torture he had given is enough. I can’t live with people who are not classy enough to point out irrelevant things,” said Smitha as she digitally signed the final documents related to the divorce, “If you are happy with your Maruti so be it since it has everything. But don’t compare it with a BMW.”

Ram and Smitha have sworn that they would only date the same OS phone users from now on to avoid further confrontations later in life. iPhone app creators have already created an “iMatrimony” app with a website to suit their users better charging with only 150$ for registration with assured benefits of getting an apt match.