Woman puts photo with too many filters on tinder, gets right wipe from husband who did not recognize her

18, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The popularity of Tinder is on a rise in India. And youngsters are hooked on to the app for much of the day, sometimes even mechanical Engineers are seen using the app, such as the popularity levels. But too much addiction is always bad as a Mumbai man found out. He was hooked on to Tinder even after his marriage and mistakenly right swiped his own wife on Tinder.


This due to the fact that her wife had posted pics with many complicated filters and he was not able to recognize her.

Shakti Kapoor,  though did not get any punishment from his wife, as it was her mistake totally. And the fact that she was also on Tinder after their marriage gave her no moral right to accuse her husband. Shakti has promised his wife that he will never use Tinder and if at all he uses it by mistake he will definitely check if the woman he is right swiping is his wife or not.

Many couples have requested Tinder to not allow filtered photos on its platform as it may cause much distress in married lives.