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Zuckerberg's AI butler scrapped after he was found wasting time on Facebook instead of doing household chores

22, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious virtual butler Jarvis may be ‘laid off’ after the Facebook founder expressed his disappointment at Jarvis spending too much time on Facebook.

Mark and Jarvis in happier times
Mark and Jarvis in happier times

Speaking to Faking News a source close to the development said, “Disappointment would be an understatement. Mark is pissed off and so is Priscilla. Jarvis has turned out to be everything but a butler.”

Many were questioning as to how a ‘virtual assistant’ who had been programmed by Mark himself, behaved differently that what was expected of him. Mark himself seemed clueless and took to Facebook to express himself.

In a Facebook Post Mark wrote that it was a tough decision for him as he had spent a lot of time perfecting the virtual butler and went ahead to explain how a virtual assistant “Jarvis is capable of altering his codes. This is part of the learning process and it will just help him cross-over from virtual to almost real. There is no doubt about the way we programmed him, but it seems Jarvis got his codes changed and started showing signs of the human tendency to waste time on social media.”

Mark’s wife Priscilla isn’t too pleased either. Apparently, Jarvis has been more of a headache than any help. The couple have now decided that they’d need someone more human. Someone on whom they can scream if they are not happy with the housekeeping service.

Ashish Nair, the Head of Facebook Operations in India, has introduced the couple to the Indian concept of ‘kaamwali bai’. Ashish says that the bai can prove to be more dependable and the ‘lack of human touch’ can be taken care of. “I grew up in India in middle class household and we had a bai at home. She was indispensable. Maybe the Zuckerberg’s need someone like her to take care of the household activities. I am not sure if you get such helps in US. So I am planning to send our bai to Mark’s house in San Francisco.”