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Afraid of Hindu terror, many activists seek asylum in peaceful territories such as ISIS controlled ones

05, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Some leading news presenters, anchors and other liberal journalists are apparently very much afraid of looming threat of Hindu terror in the country and are submitting applications for political asylum in relatively peaceful countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Activists hold a candle light march to put forth their demand.
Activists hold a candle light march to seek asylum.

Leading news presenter Jagdeesh Barjatiya wrote the following on his blog, “There is Islamic terror, but there is a Hindu terror also. Given the choice between the two I choose the global brand over local. Hence I’ll be moving to Iraq under the protection of ISIS, by end of this month. I just received an email from ISIS cyber cell that my applications for a political asylum in ISIS territory have been accepted. I will be writing for Baghdadi’s official newspaper ISIS Express once I settle there.”

“Way we have been corrected with facts on twitter by people is intolerable, I would rather stay with Taliban, and they may kill me but not correct me,” Tweeted one of the top journalists Monjolika Dutta, who has recently applied for an Afghan citizenship at Consulate of Afghanistan in Delhi.

Later talking at a charity event for widows of terrorists hanged by Indian government Miss Monjolika provided further details. “I have been to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan for short trips. Now with stable regimes these territories are quite peaceful. More peaceful than twitter at least. More than that, no one keeps questioning your journalistic abilities in Syria, like it happens in India,” Monjolika said.

She further continued, “ISIS may shoot you, they may bomb you, but they will not come and say, hey you said this 3 months back and now you are saying just the opposite, an accusation which we face on Twitter and Facebook almost every day. I expected Indian social-media users to not do these kinds of comparisons and not abuse us journos just because we write inflammatory sensational stuff.”

“I just hate those kinds of comparisons and abuses. We journalists are human beings, our thoughts and ideologies do change with time. Don’t judge us please,” she concluded.

Although 2 top journalists who had moved to Iraq 3 months back have not contacted their families until now, but those waiting to get there are hopeful of a golden fruitful future, a utopia, a place where they will never be questioned, even when only things true in their articles and news-pieces are just their names.