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After Amit Shah says Hinduism has all solutions, Greek PM seeks help for financial crisis

30, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

Athens: PM of Greece Alexis Tsipras is a worried man, given that the country is going through severe credit crisis. Although European Commission is expected to propose a bailout package, PM Tsipras is not taking any chances.

Scanning newspapers while looking for attractive EMI offers, the Greek PM came across the statement of BJP President Amit Shah, where he had claimed that ‘Hindu religion can solve all problems’.

Greek PM in an emergency meeting to discuss if 'Hinduism can resolve their credit crisis'.
Greek PM in an emergency meeting to discuss if ‘Hinduism can resolve their financial crisis’.

Filled with hope, the Greek PM is reported to have immediately called up Shah to seek help.

Speaking to Faking News, a sources close to PM Tsipras said, “This is not the first time we have reached out to an Indian politician for help. We earlier tried consulting with Kapil Sibal, hoping to come up with zero debt theory, but that didn’t help. Our PM also sought help from Jayalalitha to check if we can orchestrate any calculation mistakes, but that also failed. Finally, in an emergency meeting yesterday, the decision was taken to consult Mr. Amit Shah.”

Although Amit Shah’s office has not offered any solutions yet to the Greek PM, party member Sakshi Maharaj claimed that Greece was looking in the right direction. “Ever Greek should become Hindu, and this diwaala will become diwaali. They are suffering due to sins of that Muslim ruler Sikandar,” he said. When this reporter reminded him that Alexander or Sikandar was not a Muslim, Sakshi Maharaj said that it didn’t matter and his statement must be given importance.

Not only Sakshi Maharaj, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy too offered his comments even though the party and the government are avoiding the issue. “Greece’s debt crisis is a direct result of Sonia Gandhi’s visit to UK last week,” Swamy said.

Meanwhile sources say that Rahul Gandhi was seen discussing with Robert Vadra on the possibility of buying entire Greece and if there could be a MNREGA for unemployed people  in Greece for credit empowerment.

Vijay Mallaya, a veteran in field of credit default was also seen giving pointers to a team from Greece that was on a 4 day visit to India, while AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is keenly watching every development so that he knows what to do in Delhi after a couple of years.