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After Nawaz Sharif, BJP now invites illegal Bangladeshi immigrants for swearing in ceremony of Modi

23, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After sending out an invitation to Pakistani PM, BJP has now decided to invite all illegal Bangladeshi immigrants residing in India for Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony to be held on 26th May.

While Nawaz Sharif was still seeking referendum from Taliban and Pak Army on whether he should accept invitation or not, this new development has totally driven some hardcore BJP supporters crazy and Congress party confused.

Sources say Sharif is threatening to slap Modi.
Sources say Sharif is threatening to slap Modi, while Modi is showing peace sign.

Terming the move completely hypocritical and a complete shift from the stand taken by Modi during campaigning, Congress slammed BJP for Kejriwal like U-turn.

“They said Acche din aane wale hain. Never knew they meant achhe din for Pakistan and Bangladeshi immigrants,” Manish Tewari said.

BJP, however, was quick to jump to its defense.

“We have invited all SAARC affiliated illegal immigrants in India and not just Bangladeshi immigrants. So don’t just single out them,” BJP spokesperson Nirmala Seetharaman argued.

This move has however totally baffled the likes of Giriraj Singh, who are now confused which country should they be sending Modi haters to.

Leaders from TMC too lashed out at Modi, calling this invitation a below the belt attack aimed at unsettling Mamata Banerjee.

“Didi decided not to attend Modi’s swearing in ceremony, so they are inviting the very people for whom Didi took that stand and for whom her heart beats and bleeds. Very cheap way of making Didi forcefully attend that ceremony,” Derek Obrien claimed.

However, the move has come as a relief to many people who thought a Modi led BJP govt would mean an end to things like corruption, terrorism, etc.

“First when they invited Nawaz Sharif, I thought it was one off blunder, or maybe LK Advani threatened to sulk again if his Pakistani friend was not invited. But now that they have invited Bangladeshi immigrants too, I am sure BJP’s stance is going to be totally different from what they projected during campaigning,” said a sarkari babu, who was worried about corrupt people being dealt with severely.

This change of position from BJP has also impressed LeT CEO Hafiz Saeed, who himself is now expecting an invitation from BJP any moment.

Miyan jis tarah se dono mulkon ke beech guftagu chal rahi, koi bharosa nahi hame bhi bula le,” Saeed said while stuffing some achaar and bombs in his bag.

Meanwhile sources tell Faking News that this invitation to Pak PM is nothing but a well thought out strategy by Modi to unleash Arnab Goswami on Nawaz Sharif as soon he lands in Delhi.