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After Nitish Kumar, Barack Obama offers resignation due to Modi Wave

19, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Washington, USA. After facing sharp criticism from “eminent” citizens and Republicans, Barack Obama has offered his resignation from the post of US President.

Barack Obama was on target after he invited Narendra Modi to visit US as soon as BJP won majority in the general elections. It is well known that earlier USA had denied visa to Narendra Modi on grounds of his alleged role in Gujarat riots.

Obama Crying
Now, Barack Obama has to worry about his future.

When this Faking News reporter was going to White House to interview Barack Obama, he found some protesters in front of the building. One of them told our reporter, “What is this, man!? We are superpower. We can attack any country in the world. Why did our president change his decision to give visa to Narendra Modi? Narendra Modi killed so many innocent people using his trishul in 2002. By inviting him to visit this great country that never killed anyone, Barack Obama has lowered the reputation of USA.”

This reporter could not ask any question as protesters started shouting slogans like “Take my Lisa, But don’t give Visa”, “You lowered our reputation, we want your resignation” and so on.

“Nobody demanded resignation of the President when USA attacked Vietnam and Iraq, then why they are demanding my resignation over such small issue?” shouted back Barack Obama while watching speech of Modi. Later Obama tweeted, “Why this is happening? It seems that there is Modi Wave in USA too.”

According to latest reports coming in, Barack Obama got too tired of all the criticism of liberal commentators and political opponents around him, and finally offered his resignation after discussion with his party colleagues.

Back in India, political temperature rose after the news of resignation of Barack Obama was broken exclusively by all news channels. Modi supporters are calling him the second victim of the so-called ‘modi wave’,  the first being Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Earlier, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad did not miss the chance and demanded resignation of Barack Obama. Sources say that this could be the first case where Prasad’s demands have been met.

The BJP leader also invited Obama to leave USA and become a citizen of India. “Advani ji and Sushma ji would get company,” quipped a BJP worker.