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After Omar Abdullah's comment, ISIS asks Kashmiri supporters to wave its flags carefully

16, Oct 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Syria/Srinagar. A day after Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah claimed that ISIS flags were being waved by some careless youngsters in the Kashmir valley and there was no presence of the terror outfit in the state, ISIS has taken note of the statement and asked its supporters in Kashmir to be careful.

“Our flag is no ordinary flag, it’s the flag of tawheed, it’s the flag of ummah, it’s the flag of deen, it’s the flag of the khilafah,” Alu Bukhar Al Barbardi, the spokesman of ISIS explained the importance of the black flag.

ISIS in Kashmir
ISIS fans in Kashmir being careful that the flag is identified all over the world

“One can’t be careless while waving or raising the flag of Islamic state,” he added, “It’s not any random flag with three colors. One has to be respectful and devout and not do anything that lowers the dignity or authority of the khalifa.”

“We are taking this matter very seriously. We will ask our Kashmiri witness to identify the offenders and behead them if they were careless,” Al Barbadi declared while raising his right index finger in air.

The remarks and raised finger by the ISIS spokesperson have been received very warmly by ISIS supporters in Kashmir.

Subhanallah!” Arif, a Kashmiri fan of ISIS said, “These people are not cruel like the Indian Army and they don’t kill anyone without any reason. That Omar Abdullah, slave of the kuffar, is trying to spread rumors to get us beheaded by our ISIS brothers, but he will not succeed. We will prove to the khalifa that we were very careful in waving the flag of tawheed.”

Arif is confident that ‘Kashmir banega ISIS ka emirate’ and Indian Army will be replaced with ISIS fighters who are champions of world peace and individual liberty.

“I am sure that ISIS warriors will not behead any of us despite the lies spread by Omar kuffar,” the 21-year-old part-time stone pelter and full-time Internet Mujahild told Faking News, “We will have real jannat in Kashmir once it becomes the part of the Islamic State.”