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After Pakistan protests drone strikes, US claims their drones are non-state actors

23, May 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Washington DC: Outraged with the death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in an operation involving multiple drones by the US on Pakistan soil, Pakistan yesterday lodged a strong protest against the US for breaching its sovereignty. Pakistan’s protest was so strong that Indian PM conceded that it is as strong as the protest Indians register after every terror attack.

Mullah Mansour
Latest victim of non-state actors in Pakistan

In response to the Pakistan protest, US government spokesperson today released a press statement declaring drones as “non-state actors”, and that US government bears no direct or indirect culpability for their actions.

He further said, “We want to assure Pakistan’s government that USA never allowed its official drones to strike inside Pakistan. Further, we assure Pakistan that US will not allow its land or drones to be used for attacks against any other country.”

US also assured Pakistan of full cooperation in the investigation and promised to take action against those drones found involved. US reiterated its commitment to act against all militant drones and also announced its own investigation into the incident.

Pakistan government is considering suing USA for copyright infringement as placing the blame on non-state actors is a patented Pakistan excuse.

India today welcomed the American decision to hold an investigation into the drone incident and urged both Pakistan and America not to let “non-state actors” derail the peace process between the two countries.

There were widespread protests and violence across Pakistan against the drone strikes as they blamed Pakistani military establishment for being cowardly in the face of US use of non-state actors.

Stunned by US response, Pakistani military establishment went into a huddle wondering if it would have been better to  blame Ajit Doval and India’s RAW for Mansour’s killing.

“If we had blamed India and RAW, we would have got widespread support from our countrymen. We decided to blame the true culprit and got our own excuse thrown back at us”, a senior officer of Pakistan’s ISI said.