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After watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailer, Pakistani pigeon captured in Pathankot confident of being rescued by Sallu Bhai

01, Jun 2015 By manithan

Pathankot: A Pakistani pigeon was arrested and sent to jail by Indian authorities in this border town of India. That Pigeon revealed to us that it was used as an official communication tool from Pakistan to China, to carry official messages related to RANDI. It further expressed hope that it will be rescued by Salman Khan.

Locals of Pathankot had captured a white pigeon which was flying through their area and landed on one of their farms for drinking water, probably. While police investigations are underway and the pigeon is jailed, we somehow sneaked into the police station and requested for an interview with the pigeon. Since our correspondent knew Urdu, he somehow managed to converse with the pigeon.

“My grandma helped Salman Khan’s love. As a return help, Bhai should help my love.”, said that Pigeon with tears, as we showed her ‘Khabootar Ja Ja’ video in mobile.

The pigeon said, “I was on a secret mission to China. My Pakistani masters sent an message to our Cheen biraders. Since India is intercepting all modern forms of communications originating from Pakistan, our Intellectual Intelligence agencies have resorted to old form of communication for RANDI purposes. All communication between Pakistan and China is happening only via pigeons. Even, I was destined to reach Beijing, but was unable to cross the heat wave. I grew tired and thirsty and so came down for water. It was at that time RAW agents caught hold of me. Now, I’m stuck here. My lover boy pigeon who left a month ago for China will be waiting for me now.”

Saying so, the girl pigeon cried. We consoled her by giving few grains. After burping and shitting, she continued, “But my hopes are still not gone. Yesterday, the policemen here were watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailer and secretly, I was also seeing that from gaps. In that trailer, Salman Bhai is shown helping a Pakistani girl who comes to India accidentally. I’m sure Sallu Bhai will come here to rescue me too. He hates only mammals, but he loves birds. Inshallah Mashallah, if it happens, my mother will be happy to see him. Her mom was the one who helped Bhai several years back in Khabootar Ja Ja in Maine Pyar Kiya.”