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Al-Qaeda's offshoring to India aimed at staying competitive: Al-Zawahiri

07, Sep 2014 By spatone

Kabul. Explaining the recent announcement of setting up regional jihadi development centers in India, al-Zawahiri, CEO – al-Qaeda, cited intense global competition as the primary motivator behind the tactical shift.

“We have to evolve our business model and hiring strategy in order to stay relevant in a dynamic market. We can’t forever rely on a brand name and cult image of our brand ambassador Osama ji alone,” he is reported to have told the industry analysts who have been surprised at this sudden change in the strategy by the erstwhile iconic exporter of terrorism, which has failed to find media space for any of its recent endeavors.

“Cream always rises to the top…so do good terrorist organizations”

This downturn in the exports of the company’s brand of terror was accompanied by waning confidence in the Wahhabi investor community, which has seen the company’s valuations tumble as it faces difficulties in raising fresh funds.

Experts also attribute Zawahiri’s move to India to the meteoric rise of its rival spin-off – ISIS, on the back of a potent marketing strategy that has seen it consistently releasing newer promotional videos that have gained it visibility in the market and reaffirmed the faith of its Saudi investors.

With its traditional delivery center facing stiff competition by ISIS; and other low cost centers like Africa already captured by another disruptive innovator – Boko Haram, India, with its vast potential as a manufacturing facility, support center and a market, was a logical choice for Zawahiri.

The company is banking on the “make in India” slogan of the new PM Modi, to set up its factories in joint venture with regional players like India Mujaheddin Pvt Ltd. to consolidate the, as yet, small and fragmented Indian market.

Sorrow Bhatia, the spokesperson of Fasadwadi Party has welcomed the announcement and said that the Ulta Pradesh government has been actively seeking foreign investment in the sector and tried to wheedle the new government at the center to stay true to its commitment for skill development so that the Fasadwadi Party could facilitate the absorption of state’s sizable unemployed youth in the sector.

National Encumbrance party chief Barood Abdullah joined in the exhortations and demanded setting up of a delivery center in his state of Bomb-U Kashmir with an emphasis on free-flow of labor from across the border that epitomizes the free market politics of Modi and enhances productivity in a globally integrated terror market.

While the central government has not yet broken its silence on the proposal, Zawahiri is understood to be amenable to naming his Indian subsidiary as al-Qaeda Hindi Ltd instead of al-Qaeda India Ltd in order to gain a speedy approval.