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Al Qaida launches video game to celebrate 8th anniversary of 9/11

11, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New York, USA. A person of Asian origin, who apparently resembled Osama Bin Laden, was detained for over eight hours at Kennedy Airport here as security agencies suspected him of evil intentions. While a few rights group have decried the incident, most of the citizens reportedly found the incident ‘reassuring’ after they had briefly panicked earlier when news reports suggested that Al Qaida had launched a video game to celebrate the 9/11 terror attacks.

“There is no need to panic, our country is safe and our enemies can’t harm us. America is not a country that can be destroyed by a video game, but we surely can destroy our enemies as if it were like playing a video game for us. Yes, we can! Our enemies better be warned!” US President Barack Obama addressed the nation and reassured the citizens.

Mahrukh Khan, who looked like Osama to US security officials
Mahrukh Khan, who looked like Osama Bin Laden to US security officials

Obama administration also promised to look into the case of Mahrukh Khan, the Asian man who was detained for over eight hours. Mahrukh has denied that he had any links with Al Qaida. He said that he had just returned from a mosque after offering Friday prayers and had forgotten to take off his skull-cap, something that might have caused the security agencies to mistake him as being a terrorist. But security officials think that Mahrukh appeared ‘quite a suspect’ to them and they were just being extra careful on 9/11.

“It’s not just about the skull-cap. We are not so numbskull to detain people based on what they wear or how they look. We saw him smiling when Fox News flashed the news of Al Qaida releasing a video game to celebrate the terror attacks. It was a very disturbing smile, akin to the hero’s reception being given to the Lockerbie bomber in Libya.” an airport security official said.

Mahrukh was later released by security officials but rights group have termed the whole incident as ‘ugly’ and are demanding an apology from the concerned authorities. The concerned authorities are reported to be least concerned about the demands, but a few of them fear that they might be forced to share a glass of fruit beer or Sherbet with Mahrukh.

9/11 video game released by Al Qaida
9/11 video game released by Al Qaida

Meanwhile forensic experts and security analysts are trying to examine the video game released by the Al Qaida on this occasion. Experts were expecting release of a video tape by Osama Bin Laden threatening all the infidels of the world on this day, but they were foxed by a video game being released instead. The game is a Tetris like puzzle video game and it doesn’t contain any pictures of Osama or infidels. The experts are widely confused.

“It’s indeed quite puzzling and we are trying to decode the message that Al Qaida might be trying to convey through this puzzle game. Their messages during the George Bush regime used to be quite uncomplicated and we had no problems decoding them. This is the first Al Qaida communication since President Obama took over and look what we have got! I don’t know where this war on terror is heading towards.” An FBI officer wondered.

Even though Americans expressed shock and panic at the development, the 9/11 video game became one of the most Googled search items in the cyberspace and netizens, mostly Americans, downloaded and shared the game widely, many of them proudly announcing their high scores on social networking websites. The US administration is reportedly ‘cool’ about these activities, though many people suspected that the government was secretly logging all such activities and tracking the ‘offenders’.