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American parents demand reservations in Spelling Bee for their kids

21, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New York: Around 1000 parents from across the US gathered at Times Square with specific demands from Obama administration, that of reservation for their kids in Spelling Bee contests.

Reservation for American kids at spelling bee
Reservation for American kids at spelling bee

Hardy K Patelson, an American dad, who was at the forefront of this agitation spoke to FN reporter. He said, “I don’t know how kids of Indian origin do it. I mean some of the words at spelling bee sound as if they haven’t even been invented yet. Still these kids know how to spell them. And these Indian kids have such confusing names. There should be a separate spelling bee just for their names.”

“Our kids find it difficult to make it to even the final 5. I mean we are Americans, aren’t we supposed to be better and at the top of everything. How can these brown kids come to our country and be better than us?” he questioned.

Another parent who was concerned about the lack of representation by American kids said, “We demand a 22.5.% reservation for American kids in the final 5 list of the Spelling Bee. We are planning to give a 10 day ultimatum to President Obama. I have heard that such reservations are common in India, so why not in America too?”

“Indian’s are heading multinational companies. I am not complaining, but at least leave spelling bee for us. We came up with English language, we cannot let anyone be better than us at it,” he said trying hard not to make his racial anxiety obvious.

Law enforcement authorities had a tough time when the gathering turned violent after some parents got into an argument with the cops. As per reports, a black man was detained by the cops for suspicious activity. Speaking to Faking News the man said, “I wasn’t even participating in the protest. I just happened to pass by the protest venue.and suddenly one cop pinned me to the ground lucky for me they didn’t shoot me.”