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Americans living abroad calling themselves Canadians to avoid explaining their Presidential candidates

09, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dubai: As the US Presidential election enters its home stretch after a long, drawn out campaign, more and more Americans living outside US are hiding their nationality. With the non-stop scandals involving the two candidates, they are preferring to pass themselves off as Canadians to avoid explaining the two candidates.

Hillary Trump
Hillary vs Trump- The American Horror story

The election reached its lowest point so far when a Trump tape was leaked in which he was making very objectionable remarks about women. American nationals abroad have decided now that it is much easier to start speaking in Canadian accent and pretending to be Canadian than to explain what is happening back home.

“This Trump tape was the last straw, now I just can’t handle the judgmental looks people give me when I mention I am from USA. They are always asking me that are these the two best persons for the top job in America? I never thought I’d want to pass off as a Canadian but here we are, its better than explaining how we ended up with Trump vs Clinton”, said Carl, a project manager working in Dubai.

Another American national Julia said, “I do support Hillary and I hope she wins but I just can’t explain the emails saga to one more person. I am tired of listening to ‘Oh you support Hillary, the one who can’t send emails?’ and of course, I don’t want to be associated to Trump in any way. It is just so much easier to pretend I am Canadian. People just talk about how cute our PM is and that is the end of political discussions about Canada. Nobody knows anything else anyway.”

Meanwhile, several Arab rulers are planning to use this election as an example and tell their citizens that democracy isn’t really the best form of government.